St Michael's School

Unique Reference Number (URN): SC012016

St. Michaels School, Harts Lane
RG20 9JW

Telephone number: 01635 278 137

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Conditions of registration*

*Conditions are restrictions that Ofsted places on a registration. Providers must meet these conditions at all times they provide registered care, as well as other requirements for registration. It is an offence not to meet conditions unless the provider has a reasonable excuse. If there are no conditions displayed then Ofsted has not restricted the registration. Please note that a new Early Years Foundation Stage came into effect in September 2012. This changed the way we register providers on the Early Years Register: most providers now do not have conditions of registration as the requirements they must meet are set out clearly in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage.

Latest reports Inspection
pdf Social care inspection report - full 16 Mar 2015 17 Jun 2015
Previous reports Inspection
pdf Independent school progress monitoring inspection report 8 May 2012 5 Jun 2012
pdf Independent school inspection report 18 Oct 2011 16 Nov 2011
pdf Social care inspection report 8 May 2006 8 Jun 2006
pdf Social care inspection report 9 May 2005 9 Jun 2005

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