Linking early years providers on our website

12 May 2016

More information for parents

To give parents more information about early years providers from May 2016 we will introduce enhancements to how we link related providers.

The linking will cover all childcare providers. Prior to January 2016, all individual settings had to register separately with us. Changes to the law on registration, which came into force from January 2016, now require a provider – called ‘the registered person’ – who operates more than one setting to register all of their settings under a single registration.

The role of the registered person

The registered person:

  • is responsible and accountable for the provision of childcare by a provider in each linked setting, where such links exist
  • is legally responsible for compliance with the requirements of the Early Years Register and/or Childcare Register, regulations and any conditions of registration across all linked settings
  • can be a group of people, such as partnerships, organisations, committees, charities or more than three childminders working together as childcare on domestic premises.

For a provider of childcare on domestic or non-domestic premises the nominated person individual is the person that represents the registered person in dealings with Ofsted. Where the registered person is a corporate body, the law requires that the registered person appoints one nominated individual to be responsible for the registration and this individual must be a member of the organisation’s governing body.

Linking early years settings on our website

Where appropriate we will link individual settings to the registered person’s record. We will use the current provider page template for the registered person’s record.

When the enhancements are implemented in May 2016 we will link existing registered persons to existing settings (open or closed) on our website. From May 2016 onwards: we will add links for newly-registered persons; for existing registered persons already on the website, we will add links for new settings added to the registered person.

Where the links will be on a registered person’s page

On a registered person’s page the links – where present – will be in the ‘View associated providers’ field near the top of the page. Click on the field to expand it and inside will be the links in order of Unique Reference Number – the individual setting’s ID number. Click on a link and you will go to that setting’s page. You will also be able to navigate back from each setting page to the registered person’s record.

Other circumstances when we link early years settings

We link providers where two settings are related by any of three circumstances. We list these below with examples.

A closed setting and an open setting have common leadership where at least one member of the registered person is the same

  • A setting closes and opens at the same postal address and one or more people who make up the registered person or the nominated individual stays the same.
  • A setting closes and then opens at a different postal address, but the registered person or the nominated individual stays the same
  • A change to a registered person’s legal entity such as changing from being a committee to becoming a company or vice versa.
  • A childminder resigns as a childminder and then registers as a provider of childcare on non-domestic premises, such as a nursery, or vice versa.

Common leadership between two open settings or a closed setting and an open setting on the same site

  • A provider of childcare on domestic premises where the people providing the care also work separately as childminders.
  • Providers that share the same site where one or more people who make up the registered person or the nominated individual are the same, such as a playgroup open during the morning in a village hall while in the afternoon there is an after-school club.

A strong link between leadership for a closed setting and an open setting on the same site

  • A registered person closes by resigning their registration; a family member then opens as a registered person on the same site.
  • A registered person buys another registered person with multiple settings but there is no change to the legal entity or governing body.