Compliance, investigation and enforcement: childminding and childcare

28 Apr 2015

Our Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook: childminding and childcare (CIE handbook) sets out the legal background to our compliance and enforcement work, our approach to this work and the extent of our powers.

We use the handbook in our regulation of early years and childcare providers. It includes guidance for inspectors and others on:

  • investigating complaints about registered providers
  • investigating whether a provider is complying with standards and the law
  • taking statutory enforcement action against a provider
  • working with outside agencies – including those with child protection responsibilities – to protect children
  • action we may take to safeguard children.

The handbook sets out what we do to make sure that we are consistent in our compliance, investigation and enforcement work.

We review the handbook regularly, so it remains up to date and in line with the law and government policies.