About our inspection reports

We inspect providers across education, children’s services and further education and skills and tell you what we find in our inspection reports.

The type of inspection will determine such things as:

  • the number of inspectors
  • the length of the inspection
  • the amount of notice a provider gets
  • what happens during the inspection
  • the content of the inspection report.

A typical inspection has one or more inspectors visiting a provider to find out about them. The inspection will follow a framework and report on particular aspects of the provision.

After the inspection we tell you what we find out in our inspection reports. We publish these reports on our website, and in some cases the provider has to provide the report on request.

The content of a report will depend on the type of inspection. An inspection report will describe the provider, then go on to tell you about our inspection findings and judgements with the grades given by the inspector.

Closed providers

Why is the provider that I am interested in marked as ‘closed’?

There are several possible reasons why a provider has closed.

Common ones for early years and childcare providers are:

  • the provider is no longer required to register with Ofsted, because they are no longer providing childcare that requires registration
  • the provider no longer provides childcare and has resigned their registration
  • the provider’s registration has been cancelled by Ofsted.

Common ones for childminder agencies are:

  • the provider no longer operates as a Childminder Agency and has resigned their registration
  • the providers registration has been cancelled by Ofsted.

For further information go to Annex A in the early years and childcare registration handbook and Information for parents about Ofsted's role in regulating childcare.

If a school is marked as ‘closed’ on the Ofsted website it may have become an academy. New academies are added to the website monthly. Once the new academy provision is on the website the academy and closed provider will be linked to each other under ‘providers at the same postcode’ on the provider page.

How long does a closed provider stay on the website?

From 15 December 2013 the following conditions apply.

A provider that closed prior to 15 December 2013 will remain on the website for three years from the date it closed except where:

  • an early years provider is linked to other early providers and has a complaints summary published: such a provider will remain on the website for five years from the date it closed.

A provider that closed after 15 December 2013 will remain on the website for five years from the date it closed.

Inspection report listings

The inspection reports listings page has:

  • local area SEND inspection outcome letters
  • local authority school improvement arrangements
  • focused school inspections
  • multi-academy trust inspections
  • other focused inspections.

Mathematics subject survey visits

To find out as much as we can about maths for learners, we visit up to 90 schools each year on maths subject survey visits.