Inspection report listings

06 Aug 2018

Local area SEND inspection outcome letters

Outcome letters from inspections of local area services for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Before 22 March 2017, inspection outcome letters were published on GOV.UK.

From 23 March 2017 onwards, inspection outcome letters are published on the reports website and listed below.

Local authority school improvement arrangements

Inspections to find out how well local authorities carry out their statutory duties in relation to promoting high standards in schools and other providers.

Focused school inspections

Ofsted focused some inspection activity for particular local authority areas into a concentrated period for a proportion of schools.

This approach, coupled with the outcomes of a telephone survey of a sample of school leaders about their perception of the support and challenge provided by the local authority, enables us to obtain a clearer picture of the education provided for children and young people in those areas.

Multi-academy trust inspections

Mulit-academy trust inspection outcome letters are on GOV.UK.

Other focused inspections

These are letters to the local authority and on GOV.UK.